Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency







Major medical, health, and dental insurance are provided to the resident (and spouse or child, as appropriate). Short and long-term disability and life insurance also are provided.

Professional liability coverage is provided to the resident while participating in training activities at the Detroit Medical Center and other approved institutions. This coverage does not extend to outside moonlighting positions.

Residents are eligible for three weeks of vacation and two weeks of administrative leave per contract year. Residents receive full payment of stipend for illness up to 90 calendar days; they are allowed five sick days per year without adding training time.

Stipends (2018-2019)

*Stipend includes gross amount of $3,120 for the educational allowance allotted to each resident (before taxes). This money may be used at the resident's discretion.

PG-4 $55,093
PG-5 $56,652
PG-6 $58,257

Payroll isĀ biweekly.

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