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Child Psychiatry Research Highlighted on ABC 2020

OCD Instills Irrational Fears in Children
Act 1: ABC News’ “20/20” goes on a journey with children who have obsessive compulsive disorder.
Children Face What They Fear Most to Conquer OCD
Act 2: Bridget and Michelle undergo exposure and response prevention therapy to control their OCD.
New OCD Findings May Aid Future Diagnosis, Treatment
Act 3: A Michigan doctor says he’s beginning to identify distinct subtypes of childhood OCD.
The Final Hurdles: Children Have Big OCD Breakthroughs
Act 4: Bridget attempts to touch her father, while Michelle goes on a trip away from home.
Breaking Away from OCD
Act 5: While she has finally returned home, Bridget still struggles to face her fears.
Success: A Five-Year Journey with OCD Realized
Act 6: Five years later, ABC News’ “20/20” checks in with the children who struggled with OCD.