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The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences takes great pride in its role in training the next generation of general psychiatrists, child and adolescent psychiatrists, geriatric psychiatrists and addiction psychiatrists. Mentorship and teaching is at the heart of our Department's mission. As a Department in the Wayne State University School of Medicine, our top priority is medical student and resident education and training the next generation of psychiatrists. We recognize at the medical student level that most students will not become psychiatrists. However, we see them as ambassadors to educate others about the new era of modern biological psychiatry and how our field is beginning to bridge successfully with traditional academic medicine with evidence based approaches at the forefront. We also have a graduate Ph.D. program, the Translational Neuroscience Program (TNP) which focuses on training scientists in translational neuroscience and psychiatry. This is a premier program for which we receive applications from across the country. Our goal is full integration of these educational programs where each discipline informs each other. Moreover, our Department is committed to integration across education, research and clinical disciplines. Rather than having separate educational, research and clinical settings to see patients, we have tried to integrate these to maximize opportunities for education. We encourage residents to become involved in research although their primary task is, of course, to become competent psychiatrists. That being said, medical students, graduate students and residents have every opportunity to become involved in cutting-edge clinical and basic research. Many of our medical students and residents have presented their work at prestigious national and international meetings as well as first-authored original research articles in top-tier, peer reviewed journals. With partners including the VA, Henry Ford Hospital and others, we are looking at further opportunities to grow including additional specialty fellowships. Exciting times lie ahead in our efforts to teach, research and treat psychiatric illness and, thereby, provide the best care for the patients and families we serve.

David Rosenberg, M.D.
Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science



Marie DeWitt ​​​​​​, M.D.
Fellowship Director, Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center Geriatric Fellowship Program



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