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Didactic Curriculum

Our didactic program provides a comprehensive and broad review of the essential elements of Geriatric Psychiatry and helps prepare our graduates for the subspecialty examination in Geriatric Psychiatry conducted by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology leading to Board Certification in Geriatric Psychiatry. Our syllabus includes the following lectures and seminars:

  • Introductory course in the normal and biological aspects of aging
  • Basic and advanced aspects of geriatric psychopharmacology
  • Assessment and treatment of mental disorders in the elderly
  • Introduction to psychotherapy in the elderly and its practical application in a life-stage context
  • Impact of psychiatric illness on care givers
  • Psychiatric aspects of grief and loss in the elderly
  • Elder abuse; legal and ethical issues in the elderly
  • Administrative aspects of psychiatric care in the elderly
  • Year-long continuing research seminar
  • Monthly journal club where fellows learn critical reading and appraisal of the current literature in geriatric psychiatry
  • Clinical case conferences that facilitate clinical discussion in a spirit of inquiry and scholarship and offer guidance to residents in diagnosis, management, and treatment issues in their patients.

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