Welcome to the Wayne State University Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship program!

This fellowship offers excellent clinical, educational, and research opportunities and aims to produce geriatric psychiatrists who will become specialists in their field. With this goal in mind, fellows obtain comprehensive clinical training with rotations through a variety of clinical settings and subspecialties serving the elderly population of a large urban center in the United States, all under the guidance of well-trained and dedicated faculty. Many of our fellows enter hospital and/or private practice throughout the country, while some have opted to continue their academic careers and have taken on leadership roles in geriatric psychiatry training programs in their institutions. Our clinical sites include an acute inpatient service, an outpatient continuity clinic, a long-term care facility, consultation-liaison, and a home-based primary care service. In addition, our fellows are encouraged to collaborate in ongoing research at the Institute of Gerontology at Wayne State University under the supervision of qualified mentors.

We hope that this website will provide you with a basic overview of the program curriculum; clinical, research, and teaching opportunities; as well as residents' and fellows' perspectives on the diversity of Detroit. We offer two geriatric psychiatry fellowship positions beginning on July 1st, and we hope that you will consider our fellowship program as you explore your training opportunities!

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