Brain Imaging Research Division

We are interested in understanding neurobiological mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric disorders. Because such disorders have their origins in childhood and adolescence we particularly emphasize the study of disordered neurodevelopment and its role in psychiatric illness. These questions are addressed using multiple magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) modalities and computational analytic techniques. Brain network function is investigated using fMRI and the modeling of fMRI signals. Brain structure is investigated using high-resolution structural MRI and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). And brain neurochemistry is investigated using single and multi-voxel ¹H and ³¹P MR Spectroscopy. This convergence of advanced techniques emphasizes our commitment to translational neuroscience in the service of pressing relevant clinical research questions. Our Division also offers numerous educational and research opportunities in the area of MR applications to clinical neuroscience. Read more information on the BRAIN Division.