Joel Young

Joel Young

Joel Young

Position Title

Clinical Associate Professor


Dr. Young is the medical director and founder of the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Dr. Young is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology with added qualifications in geriatric and forensic psychiatry. He serves as Clinical Associate Professor in both the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Science at the Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Dr. Young is Chief Medical Officer of the Clinical Trials Group at the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine. He has served as primary investigator for more than ninety clinical trials.

He has more than seventy-five articles and four books, including:

  • ADHD Grown Up: A Guide to Adolescent and Adult ADHD (W.W.Norton, 2007)
  • Contemporary Guide to Adult ADHD (Handbooks in Healthcare, 2009)
  • When Your Adult Child Breaks Your Heart: Coping With Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, and the Problems that Tear Families Apart (Lyons Press, 2013)
  • Understanding and Treating Chronic Fatigue: A Practical Guide for Patients, Families, and Practitioners (Praeger Press, 2020).


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