Arash Javanbakht

Arash Javanbakht

Arash Javanbakht

Position Title

Associate Professor (Clinical Scholar)

Office Address

Tolan Park Medical Building
3901 Chrysler Service Dr
Detroit, Michigan 48201

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I went to medical school in Iran, and finished my research track residency at the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry.

Currently, I am an assistant professor of psychiatry specialized in anxiety disorders and PTSD, and director of the STARC. My research is focused on the underlying neurobiological body and brain mechanisms in anxiety disorders and PTSD, and how psychotherapy works. I am specifically interested in the role of personal meaning and cognitive interpretation of (or information about) traumatic events in the way people are differently traumatized by those events. I also research neurobiology of cognitive, cultural, physical, and temporal context invulnerability or resilience to negative effects of trauma and PTSD. My other area of interest is the use of technology, in diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders and PTSD. I use functional MRI (brain imaging), electrophysiology, and genetic methods in research.

In clinical practice, I focus on a treatment plan specifically tailored for each person based on their psychosocial and life circumstances, personal goals, the meaning of life, and needs. I use medications, psychotherapy, exercise, nutrition, and improving social life to help patients not only overcome their anxiety and fear, but also achieve their highest potentials in having a better life

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