Public Psychiatry Fellowship

The Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship of the Wayne State University School of Medicine is a one-year training program primarily for early career physicians to promote, recruit, and retain work in the public behavioral health arena.  Participation in the program establishes and expands upon the knowledge base and skillset necessary to become effective health care leaders, and advocates for underserved and disenfranchised persons with complex needs.

Fellows will receive up to 0.2 FTE support through the fellowship.  It is anticipated that they would work up to (or beyond) 0.8 FTE in other behavioral health settings.  One day a week will be divided between didactic/discussion/experiential sessions, supervision, and a development project.

The program is rooted in the concepts of recovery and inclusion, social justice, integrated and collaborative care, and systems-based approaches to healthcare.  The weekly sessions are designed to meet the knowledge domains as outlined in the American Association of Community Psychiatrists Certification in Community and Public Psychiatry requirements.

Fellows will develop a quality improvement project that could address program development, policy, advocacy and/or administrative areas.  This year-long project gives participants an experiential base upon which to practice and solidify the program sessions.

The weekly sessions will extend beyond classroom didactics, including content experts; psychiatric and community leaders, advocates and peers; fellow-led discussions; and the opportunity to have their development projects reviewed and supported by psychiatric leadership.



Carmen McIntyre, M.D.
Associate Chair Community Affairs
Director of Public Psychiatry Fellowship
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Tolan Park Building Rm. 324
3901 Chrysler Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: 313-577-6507