Undergraduate Medical Education

The Medical Student Education Program consists of two components: a core curriculum (mandatory for all medical students at WSU), and an elective program.

The core curriculum is further subdivided into two units:

  • The Pre-clerkship Unit consists of a 2 month psychiatry course, taken during the second year of medical school. The course is composed of interactive lectures, videotape vignettes, and a patient panel. The primary focus of this course is to introduce students to normal developmental processes and psychopathology. This course is also intended to prepare medical students for the Year III psychiatry clerkship and future work as physicians.
  • The Clerkship Unit consists of a four-week clinical clerkship in psychiatry, with an emphasis on patient care as well as weekly, interactive didactic instruction. Students have the opportunity to work with psychiatry faculty and residents on interdisciplinary teams and participate in clinical work with supervision. The focus of the clerkship is to build clinical knowledge and skills upon the fundamentals of the psychiatry course.

The elective component of the curriculum consists of a summer externship between Years I and II, as well as clinical and research electives for Wayne State University medical students in Years III and IV, and elective opportunities in clinical care and research for visiting students who have completed a core clerkship in psychiatry. Electives must be arranged through the Office of Records and Registration at WSU SOM.

Guest student application policies

Psychiatry electives include:

  • Adult Outpatient Psychiatry with Optional Psychotherapy Exposure
  • Child and Adolescent Outpatient and Consultation/Liaison Psychiatric Services
  • Emergent and Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry
  • Emergent and Inpatient Services
  • fMRI Research in Psychiatric Populations
  • Other research opportunities per student interest

Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry: Mary Morreale, M.D. (mmorreale@med.wayne.edu)

Assistant Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry: Eva Waineo, M.D. (ewaineo@med.wayne.edu)

Program Assistant:

Yolanda Pitts
Tolan Park Medical Building
3901 Chrysler Service Drive
Suite 5-A
Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: (313) 577-3130